Roof Mounted Vs. Ground Mounted Solar System — The Ultimate Guide

  1. Roof Mounted Racks
  2. Ground Mounted Racks
  3. Top-of-pole Mounted Racks
  4. Side-of-pole Mounted Racks
  5. Tracking System Mounted Racks

Roof-Mounted Solar Panels

Most business owners and homeowners prefer roof-mounted solar panels over ground-mounted solar panels because roof space is unused for the most part. In contrast, ground space is usually reserved for parking, children’s play areas, storage, community centres, etc.

Advantages of roof-mounted solar panels

  • More economical compared to ground-mounted installation
  • Needs less racking & installation
  • Optimal utilisation of unused roof space
  • No need to procure planning permission
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Works with limited space too
  • Increased security
  • Ground space can be used for other purposes

Disadvantages of roof-mounted solar panels

  • Tricky to access for maintenance, cleaning, or repairs
  • Roof pitch, angle & shape can pose hurdles for an ideal setup
  • Limitation of space can adversely affect power generation
  • Limited flexibility in size & direction
  • May require property owners to repair/renovate the roof
  • Shadows, trees & buildings may obstruct sunlight

Ground-mounted solar panels

With ground-mounted solar panels, you can have more control over the angle & orientation of the panels to enable optimal power generation. Solar panels are typically installed in a way that they face south or west. If your property’s roof is not located in that direction, opting for ground-mounted solar panels makes more sense.

Advantages of ground-mounted solar panels

  • Easy access & maintenance
  • Robust racking & support
  • Directional flexibility
  • Greater options for placement
  • Options for bifacial panels
  • No need to repair or install a new roof
  • No chances of obstructions due to trees/shadows
  • Customized sizes
  • Facilitates easy cleaning
  • Uses up ground space
  • Inefficient use of space
  • Expensive installation
  • Complex & slower installation
  • Provides access to unauthorized visitors
  • Not good for smaller properties
  • Not visually pleasing
  • Increased chances of accidental damage
  • Added costs for fence installation
  • Needs mowing around multiple posts & lower clearances

Final Thoughts

Now that we have compared both ground-mounted and roof-top solar systems, we can safely say that no option is better than the other. Considering the pros and cons of each option and assessing your circumstances, you need to select an alternative that meets your specific needs.



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