5 Districts to Consider While Investing in Cayman Properties

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5 min readOct 8, 2021
5 Districts to Consider While Investing in Cayman Properties

They say living on an island is like enjoying a vacation 24/7. The pleasures of island living plus the robust economy and vibrant culture is what draws thousands of tourists and expatriates to the Cayman Islands every year.

Buying real estate in the Cayman Islands may sound like a lucrative venture for many, but it requires deep research and knowledge. Not saying you can’t do it on your own; it could be a demanding task, though.

Every neighbourhood in the Cayman Islands has something unique to offer. There is something for everyone from the breathtakingly beautiful waterfront properties & luxurious condos of Seven Mile Beach, tranquil living in South Sound, to the lively George Town.

This blog will discuss the five prime districts in Grand Cayman — George Town, Bodden Town, West Bay, North Side, and East End.

Top 5 Cayman Neighborhoods for real estate investments

If you look at online real estate listings, you will find various properties for sale in the Cayman Islands, but how do you know which one is right for you? Our detailed study on the five most favoured Cayman neighbourhoods might help you make a well-informed real estate decision.

  1. George Town — If you prefer the hustle and bustle of the city with various avenues for entertainment, shopping, and watersport options, George Town is the place for you. No wonder more than 40,000 people choose to live in George Town, which includes most foreign expatriates.

Many of the homes and apartments are located in the area surrounding the Owen Roberts Airport. Properties outside the town centre are a nice mix of apartments, condominiums, family homes while being close to several schools, hospitals, supermarkets, and many other stores. People who want to take a short walk to work can choose to live in this area.

Not just houses, you can find sparkling office buildings, duty-free shops, upmarket luxury shopping malls, shops, and restaurants in George Town.

The George Town district is the epicentre of commercial business activities and various industries due to its capital city status. Most financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and overseas subsidiaries have offices in George Town, especially around the Owen Roberts International Airport.

The George Town district is a perfect blend of a big city’s excitement and warmth of a small town. Around the Owen International Airport, you can find a mix of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Another great offering is the new lifestyle centre town of Camana Bay on the shores of North Sound.

2. Bodden Town — Before George Town, Bodden Town used to be the capital city of the Cayman Islands. Everything changed by the mid 19th century. Bodden Town has strong ties to authentic Cayman culture. The area is full of residential Cayman properties and has a primary school, making the neighbourhood an ideal choice for families with kids.

Do you want to enjoy peace and tranquillity without compromising on amenities? Consider Bodden Town if you wish the above. A luxurious lifestyle minus the commotion of the city is what lies in store for you at Bodden Town.

Another intriguing aspect of Bodden Town is the broad array of culinary options — both fine dining and street food. Local foods like jerk chicken, conch stew, coconut shrimp, Cayman-style lobster will make your mouth water and appeal to your senses.

Want to experience some rich history? No problem, Bodden Town has some historical sites like the Mission House. Other places of interest are Pirate Caves and Coe Wood. The Russell Beach area is for snorkelling enthusiasts; they can have a gala time over there.

3. West Bay — Moving north of Seven Mile Beach will lead you to West Bay, where you will find incredible canal front and waterfront living options. Find captivating community developments near the Cayman Islands Yacht club, like Salt Creek, Vista Del Mar, North Creek, etc.

Even with the houses, you can choose from options. There are houses surrounded by water bodies, mangrove forests, and a plethora of flora and fauna. As you proceed to the west, you will find a popular eating joint known as the Heritage Kitchen, famous for its fish and fritters. A short walk from there will lead you to — The Shores, a prime residential community.

Don’t think that West Bay is only for millionaires. It has an extensive array of properties ranging from million-dollar mansions to inland homes and apartments. West Bay is renowned for its cottage-style houses, fully furnished homes with the latest amenities, and contemporary homes along the beach with stunning views.

Some of the best restaurants (some 5-star restaurants) of Grand Cayman are in West Bay, along with plenty of food trucks.

West Bay has many tourist attractions or places to visit, like the Cayman Turtle Center and Hell. In a nutshell, West Bay is ideal for peace who love peace and serenity. Beach bums who love sun and sand and want to avoid the city clatter can choose to stay in West Bay.

4. North Side — North Side is named so because it is on the North Shore of Grand Cayman. You would be surprised to hear that North Side does not have any buzzing streets or thriving resorts like George Town. North Side offers tranquillity and privacy, which attracts many tourists as well as expatriates and senior citizens.

Most vacation rentals and villas in Grand Cayman are on North Side. Much of the north shore area is a reef-protected marine sanctuary, making it a snorkelling paradise.

Apart from these, North Side provides visitors with an exhilarating experience in the form of a natural miracle — Bioluminescent Bay. People who opt for the kayak tour can rest in the placid waters surrounded by glowing plankton.

5. East End — For those folks who love basking in the beauty of Mother Nature, East End is nothing less than heaven. Thanks to its mindblowing coral reefs, East End has world-famous diving spots. If you want to witness a unique phenomenon, then make sure you check out blowholes. East End’s beaches are some of the most beautiful ones on Earth.

East End is mainly made up of tiny villages, and the number of residential properties is limited, but new developments will come up to meet real estate demands. What can you expect from a life at East End? — jaw-dropping views and scenic beauty, open spaces, and non-stop sea breeze.

If that wasn’t enough, there is an excellent selection of restaurants, grocery stores, and food joints. So, living in East End is laidback but not backward. You will have access to the best amenities while enjoying a quiet life. Whether you love the land or sea, you have ample time and opportunity to connect with nature.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, each of the districts in Grand Cayman has distinct characteristics, and no two neighbourhoods are the same. Grand Cayman has options for everyone, whether the hustle-bustle of city life or the quiet village life.

If you want to explore even more options, you can divert your attention to other neighbourhoods like Seven Mile Beach, Camana Bay, Prospect, Red Bay, Savannah, Lower valley & Newlands, Rum Point, and Cayman Kai.

Keep one thing in mind, the demand for Cayman Islands real estate far exceeds the supply. There is no way else to put this forward. So, be proactive in your real estate search. Consult a reputable real estate agent who can help you catch the early worm, sort out the paperwork and seal the deal.



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